Coming Soon: The Pint is Mighter Bracket!

Okay, we’re about four months late to the whole bracket game, but it makes a little more sense when we explain it.

One year ago (more or less) we started review breweries. It’s taken us all over the state, to old spots and places we never would have imagined going to, to dives and swank joints. Most importantly, it’s taken us to a lot of good beer.We could think of no better way to celebrate our beeriversay than to pit our favorites against one another.

That’s right, we’re putting together a bracket.

There are only two rules: neither of us can have the same beer and no two beers can come from the same brewery. Beyond that, no holds barred. We’re going to have guest judges, an audience to provide the heckling, and live blog the whole showdown right here on this humble blog.

The lineup is still being set, but here’s a preview of a few of the competitors!


Look forward to the full lineup, bracket, a competition soon!

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