The Pint Is Mightier: Two Beers Brewing Co.

(Beer Connoisseur Eric Peters contributed to this post)

Long time, no brew. We know.

It’s not because we haven’t been drinking beer. Oh no. We’ve just been lazy in writing about it. But we’re roaring back into the Pint is Mightier with a new review from south Seattle…

Two Beers Brewing Co.

Two Beers Tour

Two Beers Brewing is an unassuming craft brewery located just off 99 in Seattle’s SoDo District (that’s south of the dome, for those of you who aren’t from around these parts/don’t remember the Kingdome). The small business park where it’s located is easily accessible by car or public transit, so there’s no excuse not to check it out.

There were quite a few beers to choose from, but being the connoisseurs it’s our job to be decisive. The first beer up was the Back Country Cascadian Brown Ale. Some of you have probably heard of a Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA), but for those of you who haven’t, here’s the scoop – it’s a dark IPA with lots of roast and lots of hops. Two Beers took the CDA concept and applied to the traditionally sweeter brown ale. Preposterous, you say? Pshaw! They very much pulled off the brown ale with big hop flavor. This dark brown ale of medium opacity had all the best parts of a brown ale on top of a perfectly balanced hop profile. Combined with solid carbonation, this beer was highly drinkable. And it comes from us highly recommended. Drink up!

Hop heads that we are, we couldn’t resist trying the Evolutionary IPA next. It did not disappoint. The beer poured amber in color – a bit darker than the average IPA – with a perfect head of foam on the top. The hop aroma coming off the top was delightfully robust and complex, foreshadowing the delicious . The palette definitely emphasized bitter hops of floral or fruity, but the flavor didn’t seem unbalanced in any sense. Overall the Evolutionary is a straightforward, delicious IPA.

Evolutionary IPA

Next up was the Heart of Darkness Cascadian Dark Ale CDA, which started strong but went steadily downhill. It poured with a minimal amount of head but nonetheless had a strong, hoppy aroma. The first sip felt like diving into a pile of burnt malt and hops – boldly flavored like a good CDA should be.  Unfortunately, the beer lacked depth and complexity, never moving beyond the two aggressive notes of roasty and bitter. Ultimately the more we drank the Heart of Darkness, the less we liked it.

We ended with Two Beers’ Pumpkin Spice Ale.  This cloudy ale was amber, nearing red, in color with a beautiful, full head. The aroma wafting  up off the top, drifting into our noses. In flavor it was abundantly spiced, which made it a tad overwhelming towards the end, but well-suited to compliment to the pumpkin flavors that was jammed packed into the beer. The hops were mindfully balanced – too much would have obscured the pumpkin flavor but this was just enough to offset the sweetness. The weak element of this beer was the finish; It didn’t stay robust and flavorful all the way through. Overall it certainly held it’s own, but it wasn’t the best pumpkin we’ve ever had. Treat this beer like a desert wine for a festive autumn meal among good company.

The Two Beers brews are more than enough to talk about, but it’s worth mentioning their partnership with food trucks. During the summer the tasty brews are supplemented every Friday by snacks from mobile food slingers. We were lucky enough to catch the favorite truck of lead food blogger Quinn – Maximus Minimum – but Two Beers partners with a variety of trucks to bring delicious food to their patrons.


Two Beers Brewing Co. is home to many interesting beers – it’s unfortunate that we were waylaid by delightful food and an awesome behind-the-scenes tour and didn’t get a chance to review them all. We absolutely recommend a visit, particularly on one of their food truck days!


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