The Bayfield Breeze

Bayfield Breeze

Sorry about the lack of posts recently – I was on vacation!

Now, not too many people choose Bayfield, Colorado (pop. 2,361) as their vacation destination, but it’s a special place for me. All my relatives on my mom’s side live out there, and every summer growing up we’d make the three-day road trip down to see them. It was three weeks of sun, thunderstorms, fishing, swimming, bicycling, relaxation, outdoorsiness and – of course – family.

IMG_2054So needless to say, when I was able to make it down this year for our big “Christmas in July” reunion, I was super excited!

And luckily for you all, I managed to pick up a few new, delicious recipes from all my family out there. This cocktail, made by aunt Christy, is a refreshing drink that’s best served with a bright sun and light breeze. It seemed only fitting to name it after Bayfield!

The Bayfield Breeze is light, chilled and ever-so-slightly sweet. Pear, peach, and white cranberry are all subtle flavors that impart a wonderful meld of fruity flavors. None of the three are cloying or overpowering however, allowing each to shine through in drink. It’s the perfect way to beat the heat – whether you’re in Colorado or Washington!


The Bayfield Breeze


  • 1 part pear vodka
  • 1 part white cranberry peach juice
  • 2 parts ginger ale
  • Ice, to serve


  1. Combine all the ingredients into a glass and enjoy!

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