Rosemary Renaissance is about enjoying food and drink.  Adventurously.  Because if you’re timid about food, you’re doing it wrong.

The Authors

Cooking Quinn

Quinn Majeski, lead blogger, is a Seattle resident and recent University of Washington graduate.  An upstart politico who works for the Washington State Legislature by day, Quinn spends his mornings, nights, and weekends cooking, eating, and scheming about his next dish.  Primarily self taught with a stint cooking at a local French restaurant, he loves cooking bold food from a variety of different cuisines.  His favorite dish is anything he can pair with his favorite brew – a nice, hoppy Northwest IPA.

Drinking Eric

Eric Peters, guest beer blogger, enjoys beer – particularly those with subtlety, balance, and uniqueness. He enjoys nearly every style, so you can trust his (nearly) unbiased opinion on all things beer-related. Outside of beer, he finds himself enjoying the occasional glass of red wine or some peaty Scotch whisky. Beyond fine craft brews, Eric enjoys heavy metal music, the majestic solitude of nature, correcting people’s grammar, and – when there is time – reading a good book. Eric has a degree in medieval history and Latin and works by day as an analyst doing anti-fraud investigations. If you want to know more about Eric’s beer fanaticism you can check him out on untapped, where he religiously checks in every single beer he ever drinks. https://untappd.com/user/epeters89

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