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April 1, 2012

Viticulture and Verbiage: Tisdale Cabernet Savignon

We have decided that beer is simply too plebeian for the gourmet cuisine of this online food zine. With no further ado, we will be transitioning from brewery reviews to wine and winery reviews in our new segment, Viticulture and Verbiage. From the heart of California, our inaugural review is…

Tisdale Cabernet Savignon

After decanting the wine for several hours over stimulating conversation on the economics of Franco-Prussian relations, we mentally prepared our palettes for the transcension to a higher class of imbibery.

The Tisdale Cabernet Savignon poured a deep burgandy color, typical of the style. We did note a particularly opacity in the appearance, however, along with no legs to speak of. The bouquet – that’s the aroma, for the bourgeoisie – was very fruity, belying the dominant flavor of the wine itself.

Outside of the strong fruitiness, the flavor of the Tisdale was really rather mundane. It was a fleshy wine, lacking a strong backbone. The tannins, while present, were not particularly aggressive and left quite a bit to be desired. Although it does seem to gain some sense of balance as drinking goes on, we are quite frankly unsure whether that is a trait of the wine or simply a structural trait inherent to the process of imbibing.

Overall this wine had a very vinous, pedestrian and overly fruity flavor, unfit for anyone other than the most plebeian of individuals.

The Verdict:

“I am full of regret” – Eric Peters

“I made a mistake, Beer. Please come back.” – Quinn Majeski

June 5, 2011


Welcome to the Rosemary Renaissance!

You can check the About section for a bit more information.  Recipes will be coming shortly!

– Quinn

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