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August 12, 2014

Roasted Red Jalapeño Elote

Roasted Red Jalapeno Corn 2

I suspect many of you will scoff, even cringe, when you pull out the mayonnaise to make this dish. You might question why on earth I would stray from the canon of butter when it comes to finishing some perfectly nice corn on the cob.

You would be oh so wrong to do so.

Elote, a traditional Mexican preparation of corn on the cob, employs mayonnaise for one simple reason: stuff sticks to it. Delicious, scrumptious stuff like refreshing cilantro and salty cotija cheese that would just slide right off a butter coating. Furthermore, it’s easy to mix in all sorts of wonderful things like tangy lime juice and spicy roasted red jalapeno.

In short, it’s the perfect vehicle for adorning your sweet grilled corn with the best possible combination of ingredients. So stop hating on mayonnaise and make yourself some Elote, ASAP.

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July 18, 2014

Chipotle Grilled Corn


Chipotle Grilled Corn

What’s the best way to beat the heat? Sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire. And by “fire,” I mean this Chipotle Grilled Corn.

This corn the cob is the first in what’s sure to be a long string of grilling-related recipes, as I finally purchased my very own grill a few weeks ago. Although you can emulate some of the mechanics of a grill by using the broil function of your oven, I don’t believe there is a real substitute for freshly grilled meats and vegetables. Grabbing a small grill off craigslist or making friends with your neighbors who have one is highly recommended.

As for this recipe, it really couldn’t be simpler once you have the right equipment. At just four ingredients, it definitely qualifies as a cheat dish. I promise that you won’t feel cheated at all by the wonderful union of sweet and heat that you bite into though.

This recipe is a perfect example. A proper searing on the grill brings caramelizes the outer layer of the corn, bringing out it’s natural sweetness. It’s paired with out the smokey and devilishly spicy flavor of the chipotle pepper and tamed just so by creaminess of the butter to make for an easy, delicious side.

Serve these bad boys up with some carne asada or barbecued chicken and enjoy with some sangria. You could even invite over some friends – assuming you’re willing to share.

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May 31, 2013

Spicy Citrus Corn Fritters


I absolutely love when Spring roles around. Not because of the weather – in Seattle springtime is generally even more rainy than Winter, just warmer and punctuated by short burst of sunny days – but because of all the wonderful fresh vegetables that come into season.

Like corn. Seriously, who doesn’t like corn?

It’s sweet and savory, crunchy and soft. It’s good grilled on the cob or cooked in with other foods. It pairs well with so many different things. And that’s why it’s the star ingredient in this recipe.

Fresh corn is grilled to perfection, then sliced off the cob and tossed with just enough flour to bind it together into a delicious fritter. It’s complimented with a touch of jalapenos to add a little kick as well as two subtle citrus flavors: lime zest and lemongrass. The zest provides the scent and essence of lime without any of the sour or tart flavors, while lemongrass brings a softer, more complex citrus flavor than it’s namesake.

These fritters are great as single serving appetizers or served as a side dish or in groups of two or three. Perfect for a nice summer barbecue!

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May 21, 2013

Roasted Veggie and Green Chili Chicken Fry Bread


My girlfriend and I recently took a mini-vacation to Portland, where – among a number of other fun things – we had the chance to enjoy some truly delicious food. Upscale German fusion at Grüner, feisty Mexican food at Porque No? and a top-notch tapas tasting menu at Toro Bravo.

We also stopped by the famous Saturday Market, strolling through the tents to see what all the vendors had. And while we were there I did what I always wind up doing at farmers markets: I bought spices.

In most parts of my life I’m a pretty frugal person (My friends are quick to remind me that I slept on an air mattress for almost a year back in college), but I’m hopeless when it comes food, and spices in particular. So when we came across a man selling all sorts of different spice blends, I knew I’d be walking away with at least one.

In the end – after several delicious samples – I wound up with four.

Resolving to put them to good use, I wound up with this recipe that centers around one of the blends: a combination of spices used in Native American cooking that includes green, sweet, and chipotle peppers, as well as several other goodies. The corn and sweet potato are coated in the blend and then roasted to perfection. The veggies are paired with shredded green chili chicken, a raw kale slaw and a dash of cheddar cheese to create a full spectrum of delicious flavors.

Throw it all on some fresh-made fry bread (surprisingly easy to make) and you’ve got a delicious, hearty meal!

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